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In 2023, we celebrate 28 years of giving through two distinct focuses:

  • Funding the Healthy Humor clown program at Yale New Haven Children's Hospital AND

  • Providing fellowships at key medical institutions  



Photo Courtesy of Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital

20th Anniversary Garrett Video

Clown Program

Fully funding the Healthy Humor Red Nose Docs clown program at Yale New Haven Children's Hospital.  The Yale New Haven clown program is the only program in the country fully funded by a single organization.


Supporting Medical Research through a fellowship program in selected labs.  

The Garrett

Hosting our annual fundraiser - The Garrett - at the Stanwich Club in Greenwich, CT.  The Garrett is our largest source of fundraising.


Get Involved

Donate directly to the foundation and support this successful partnership. 

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Social Media

Photo Courtesy of Children's Hospital Boston

IRS Status:

On October 29, 2014, The Garrett B. Smith Foundation successfully converted from Private Foundation status to a Pulic Charity. This designation allows the foundation to recieve donations from individuals as well as donor advised funds, private foundations and public charities alike.


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